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Handout for Garnet Hertz’ Workshop session

April 20, 2011

Is on this attached PDF. Hertz Servo Handout



April 13, 2011

Sketch for Janna's proposal

Download most of them here.

…oh, and here’s one more, from Daniel, and another from Justin.

LCD Internet code

April 13, 2011

For this afternoon’s demo, please download this Processing code:

Also, for anyone who’s trying to reconnect this model of LCD display and you’ve (understandably) forgotten the wiring, the datasheet for the device is now conveniently located here. LCD display datasheet

April 6: STEPS

April 6, 2011

In today’s code, we’re using the arduino’s Stepper Library and arrays to make our stepper motors move according to fixed patterns.

This afternoon’s PRO CHALLENGE:

Store 5 different patterns in arrays. Make the code choose randomly which patterns to follow.

For this afternoon’s code, click “Read More”

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March 30th

March 30, 2011

Tom Igoe’s Website:

The raw code for controlling a stepper can be found here on the website.


March 23: Code-a-palooza

March 23, 2011

Two different sketches today. Click “read more” to see them, starting with the random movement sketch, and then continuing with our limit switch demo.

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March 16th: In Review

March 16, 2011

Hi All! We made not one, not two, but THREE codes today in class.  All of these codes involve controlling a motor via a TIP122 transistor.

For the afternoon, get cracking on mid-term projects.

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